The Oldspeed ​​Book – THE ENGLISH VERSION


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We are pleased to offer you the Genesis of VW performance in English version.

This book of 256 pages and more than 500 photos and documents for the most part unpublished is composed of 3 chapters:

– The first official race for Volkswagen. The 1500 S at the 24 hours of Francorchamps 1964.

– The full story never revealed the first Volkswagen special series: The 1964 Mach 1.

– And the genesis of Old-Speed trend with the guide to “How to Build a Perfect Old-Speed”. An essential book for Volkswagen enthusiasts.

The beginnings of Beetle performance in Belgium but also around the world.

With its genius protagonists, its sulfurous history and its wide-ranging examples, the Old-Speed style will no longer hold any secrets for you. A must have in your Volkswagen personal library.


330 in stock


The Oldspeed ​​Book – Victim of it’s own international succes, the French version of this book is unfortuneatly sold out. 

We are pleased to offer you the Genesis of VW performance in English version.


After two years of writing and designing, Mike Walravens’ book is now ready for publication in ENGLISH.
If this book has a place in your VW fan library, it would probably be to the left of the California look book, Keith Seume’s “Cal-Look Bible” as the genesis of Volkswagen performance. The subject has never been treated from the original angle of the beginnings of VWs high-performance.
For those who know the in-depth articles, chiselled by the pen of Mike Walravens, you can believe us if we promise you a basic work for the VW movement. The “Genesis” explains for the first time the birth of a sprawling VW movement. But, without these few precursors, mechanics, pilots and genius engineers who circumvented the strict rules of Wolfsburg, nothing of what we know in our passion would exist. Pascal Icks, ex-pilot and automobile journalist does us the honor to take the pen for the preface of the book. Witness, oh-how privileged because he participated in the 24 Hours of Francorchamps, who’s detailed in the book. He was also president of the “Club des V” from D’Ieteren, after winning the 24 hours of Francorchamps in 1965.
In summary, this 256 page book consists of three main chapters:
  1. The first chapter details a hectic historical investigation into the traces of the four type 3 – 1500 S – having participated in the 24 hours of Francorchamps 1964. Thanks to the exclusive testimony of the last of the mechanics having mechanically modified in depth and assisted these 1500 S, the 25 and 26 July ’64. You will discover why these were the first VWs officially sponsored in racing by the Volkswagen firm. The author will go so far as to find photos of the 1500 S at the Liège Sofia-Liège Rally as well as the testimonies of the pilots. It traces meticulously, races after rallies, the timeline of these vehicles. Until the last owner who bought one of the four Notchbacks. This bet is illustrated by period photos from the D’Ieteren archives but also, in double-page format, photos by Eric Della Faille and Jacques Breuer, then very young press photographers
  2. The second chapter concerns the history of the brand’s first Special Series, the Mach1 – Oettinger. First modified VW with VW D’Ieteren factory warranty, a true Old-Speed ​​icon. It will hold no more secrets for you because you will have access to the D’Ieteren archives and its exceptional documents that have remained hidden until now. This chapter ends with the article on the two Mach1s found so far, the Ruby Red and the Java Green, illustrated by photographer Tom Wheatley.
  3. The third chapter exposes down to the smallest details the Old-Speed ​​style increasingly emerging nowadays. Following an article published in VolksWorld and Airmighty in 2011, Mike highlighted a style unknown to the public. He exposed a line of conduct of the very first style that we could give to VWs, that of period engine performance. This feature article is developed exponentially here. You will discover its genesis from 1947 with the first double Carburetor Kits on 30HP engines. The historical description of the main precursors of performance in VW. Petermax Müller, Wolfgang Denzel and Oettinger through history the main examples of Double Carbus Kits or Compressors such as Mag, Arnott, Pepco, Shorrock or Judson. From the wisest “city” Old-Speed ​​to the wildest Vintage Racer, an anthology of eight detailed Old-Speed ​​examples completes this chapter.
It is obviously difficult to describe the entire content but we assure you that each page opened is a graphic surprise and an intellectual delight.
Thanks to the participation of many contributors, the book is richly illustrated with more than 500 photos, the vast majority of which have never been published. outings for the occasion. Some even had never been developed and only existed in negatives. A few updates were made from the french version of the book, like the discovery of a “new” real mach1 …




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