Ardennen Rennen: The Dress Code

Our cars are ready, the engines are timed, the tires are pumped, and the racing wheels found their way to your vintage racing car… It is high time to think about your vestimentary choice!
During the weekend you will meet & greet likeminded people who love everything classy & vintage, just like you. So we highly recommend to dress accordingly to your car. That makes the Ardennen Rennen experience complete, and what a pleasure to match with your oldtimer!


The Gentlemen Racer

The gentlemen racer is a classy guy, wearing fine trousers and a nicely ironed shirt, preferably with a bow, nice cufflinks and suspenders. He still can choose between a stylish jacketor a cool blouson. A mustache flaunts under his nose.

The Mechanic Racer

The co-pilot can also be the mechanic, wearing a one piece overall to protect his clothing from becoming dirty, with fancy gloves to protect his hands. He wears a cap and sunglasses. When he takes off his overall, he knows how to be classy for the occasion.

The Mod Rocker

The fifties were rock and roll, and so are The Mod Rockers, wearing stylish and tailored clothing in bold prints, bright colors, black and white. Nice boots, rolled up jeans, a fat crest. Forever a hipster!

Pilot Racer

The pilot racer is the perfect look in your cabrio. Driving along the roads he will appreciate the warm, wool inside of his jacket, and the leather headcap and goggles will protect his head and eyes from the extreme speeds he can handle with his vintage car. A cigar is welcome!


The Chanel Girl

She’s deffinetely the brain next to the pilot, always confident, and happy to wear a feminine dress. Completely with well chosen accesoires as gloves, posh handbags and a absolutely fabulous vintage haircut. She always wear red lipstick. It’s her pleasure to work out the roadbook in style.

The Pilot Girl

This Tomboy loves to wear a blouse and trousers, perfectely chosen to easily handle the steering wheel as a pilot, co-pilot or mechanic. She’s powerful and feminine, sometimes she wears high heels, other times she wears penny loafers. Her waist is always accentuated and she loves a hat. Pilot girls surely empower the rally team, they know how to win the game!

The Rockabily Girl

She loves good music and likes to dance around your car. She wears old school dresses in bold, rich colors and tops, skirts with stripes and dots and heels, heels, and more heels! Hair pined up, bright make-up and a tattoo on her arms or legs. Her cleavage is the perfect hideaway.

Rosie the Riveter

Or the hardworking girl that rivets airplanes together, you can imagine she surely can rivet your vintage car together! She works hard during the week, but loves to play harder during the weekend. A cotton overall and a wide belt, a colorful button down shirt and tall rubber boots, a bandana in her hair, we love Rosie!


The Tennis couple

Ready to play a game? Ready to be the winner or fairplay players? The Tennis Couple always gets dressed in their vintage tennis outfit, white trousers for him, a decend skirt just above the knees for her. The look of winners, they are ready to play the game, on or next to the court. Always with a tennis racket and tennis balls, never without a glass of whiskey on the rocks.

The classic Bavarian couple

The classic bavarian couple wears their traditional Bavarian clothes with pride ! Lederhosen for the men, lovely Dirndl dresses for the ladies ! A perfect match with our German Porsches and Volkswagens !