Is my car eligible?

Any requirements ?

Of course all the cars need to have a full insurance, and need to be road legal in their country of origin. Trade plates are not allowed.

The looks
We do like the participants to be in a pristine oldspeed vintage look, for the car, but preferably also for the clothing of the pilot and copilot. For the car that means no slammed ultra-lowered cars – you won’t be able to use these slammed cars on the ardenne roads anyway – we need the minimum of 11cm (legal in Belgium), and the use of Volkswagen or Porsche wheels. (Sprintstar wheels are considered, lightweight BRMs or other aftermarket wheels NOT). If you have advertising on your car, it must be vintage styled.

The power

The power of your car can come from your original engine (ORIGINAL VW CLASS 1) or from a vintage speed engine (OKRASA – DENZEL- JUDSON – PEPCO – etc) (OKRASA VW CLASS 2) or outlaw, for example a Porsche 356 engine in a beetle – any exotic changement to your engine will make you drop into the outlaw class (OUTLAW VW CLASS 3) For the Porsches we have two classes: original and outlaw. We DO NOT allow fuel injection (in exception if original in Porsche classes) and we DO NOT allow turbos. Only normal gas pump fuel allowed. No Nitrous or any other fuel.

Stopping power

The stopping power – the brakes on your cars can be original, Porsche or CSP. The tires must be road legal. No slicks allowed.


Beetle -1967
Bus -1967
Karmann Ghia -1967
Type three -1965
Vw Coachbuilds ask the organizers for eligibility
Porsche 356 -1965
Porsche 912 -1969
Porsche 914 -1976
Porsche 911 -1974

VW Classes

ORIGINAL VW CLASS 1 Full original factory, original and period correct engine with original engine case, fully original gearbox.
OKRASA VW CLASS 2 Period correct Okrasa, Denzel, etc
Period correct blowers Judson, Pepco, etc, all this on original and period correct engine case, fully original gearbox.
OUTLAW VW CLASS 3 Porsche engine in vw, other engine case as period correct original, or any other more or less exotic modifications

Porsche Classes

ORIGINAL PORSCHE Original factory
OUTLAW PORSCHE Outlaw – engine and fuel delivery modifications