Tabac Stick Shaving Soap generates a rich, long lasting protective lather. This is a best selling soap designed in stick form and designed to be used with a shaving brush and also a travel-friendly shaving stick which also makes it a great option for travel. Tabac Original is a German classic with a nostalgic scent, which is a sophisticated mix of peppery-spicy notes that are rounded off by exotic wood notes, musk, ambergris and a floral complex

For more than sixty years, Tabac has stood for men’s fragrances and care that you can rely on.
With timeless aromas, the perfumes, aftershaves and deodorants, and other toiletries are convincing across the board.
The distinctive woody notes of the Tabac lines underline the masculinity of the wearer and give him a strong aura.
Unmistakable and unobtrusive, the spicy composition of Tabac Original has been a statement of courageous men of strong character for generations.